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Synesthesia Music 2006

Music (mp3) generated (in 5 seconds) from photos shown ...

(Picture by NASA)

for a

I built this instrument in June 2006

Three button mobile creativity (14 July 2006)

Your press button one on your mobile phone and a picture is taken.
You press button two and a midi file is generated in a few seconds from the picture.
You press button three and you can listen to the music.

Snapshot Music (29 April 2006)

What you see is a camera lens and loudspeakers on a side of a box. If the camera detects some change on the view the system will wait
until the view is nearly static and then the system will generate music using up to 16 instruments and in a few seconds one can listen to the music.
The piece will last about one minute and the process will start from the beginning.

Copyright 2006 Lauri Gröhn,
Synestesia Software Music

Arts are technologies of ethics.

"Sibelius experienced colors musically, and often whole visual scenes resolved
themselves into musical forms for him" (from Robert R. Reilly, Surprised by Beauty)