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Akvarellit puhkesivat soimaan 2007
Musiikkiin ei tarvita nuotteja 2007
Music Generated from Pictures 2006
Lauri Gröhn muuttaa kuvat musiikiksi 2005
Synestesia Method 2003
Synestesia-menetelmä 2003

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What is "synesthesia"?
Cytowic on synesthesia (YouTube)

Lauri has Studio 2 in Nauvo (Nagu)
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* The best restaurant in Nauvo: L'Escale
* The best cafe in Nauvo: Lanterna
* Nauvo Chamber Music Festival 2007
* Kayaking in Nauvo
*Nauvo Harbour WebCam
* Walkways of Nauvo
* Nauvo's Fish Hawk nest WebCam

Many people have asked me if
Synestesia software is available.
Sorry. It is not. I have developed
it (Java applet) and I am the only
user of it. If some company would
approach me for buying the software,
I would consider of selling the
rights for making a product
and marketing it for different
application areas (internet,
mobile, standalone) for one million
dollars. My own real interests
are just in composing...

Kuvista generoitua musiikkia
Musik genererad av bilder
Music generated from pictures
Musique produite des images
Musik erzeugt von den Abbildungen
Música generada de cuadros
Música gerada dos retratos
Muziek die van beelden wordt geproduceer
Musica generata dalle immagini